Remember Boston

Where Were You? Students' Stories of the Boston Marathon Bombing • An ICMPA Media Literacy Project

Brittney – Baltimore, Maryland


From my social media

On Tuesday April 16th around 3pm, I was just leaving my last class. As I walked back to my dorm, I leisurely scrolled through Instagram. I noticed that some of my followers were posting text images that had the caption #prayforboston.

Immediately it brought me back to the moment I found out about the Sandy Hook shooting. There were photos everywhere with the caption #prayfornewtown.

The first photo I saw about the Boston explosion was a text-based photo that expressed condolences to the eight year old boy, named Martin Richard, who died while watching his father William Richard run the marathon. After seeing that photo, I knew something big had happened. I thought it was another shooting. Immediately my heart dropped with this “Not again!” feeling.

When I got to my dorm, I googled the #prayforboston tag and immediately stories from twitter, CNN, and The Huffington Post popped up with headlines of the explosion. After reading countless stories and seeing pictures of the explosion and of those who were injured, my attitude went from heartbroken to furious. It made me furious that an event meant for peace, hope, and pure fun was turned to tragedy. What kind of world do we live in where one can’t even enjoy a participating in or spectating a marathon without being afraid of being pointlessly, mercilessly killed?

Where is our humanity? What happened to valuing the lives of ourselves and each other? After I found out about the attack I went home to Baltimore and stayed with my mother for the weekend. We sat and talked about the attack and watched the manhunt on CNN. We then began discussing what may happen in the future.

Will these sort of tragedies be a common occurrence for the generations after us? What can we do individually to prevent these things from happening in the future? Why do these ‘random’ tragedies/attacks happen? I believe that all things happen for a reason, even horrendous events like the Boston explosion or the Sandy Hook shooting.

Maybe this, as well as other tragic events around the world are a call to action.

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