Remember Boston

Where Were You? Students' Stories of the Boston Marathon Bombing • An ICMPA Media Literacy Project

Morgan — College Park, MD


Child is walking by himself and is a safe image. This ties into the ending of my story.

I’m a runner so this event touched me in a unique way. When I was about to go running on a treadmill at Eppley Recreational Center I happened to look up at the TV to see what all the news was. Above my treadmill I saw in huge letters, “2 BOMBS GO OFF AT BOSTON MARATHON”. My initial reaction was that it can not be that bad because this is America and things like this usually do not happen. However, as I continued to run I realized that this news story was bigger than I ever imagined. These bombings really disturbed me because I used to run Cross Country and Track in high school, so I understand the work that goes into performing well at a long distance event. To have this physical exhaustion plus have the risk of getting killed by a bomb was unimaginable to me.

Then when I got back to my room after my run I had two new CNN updates about the bombings in more detail. That is when I realized that two people had already died from the bombings, which put the severity of this attack into a different perspective for me. Throughout the week I continued to get CNN updates via my phone about the Boston bombings.

A few that struck me were the ones about the “Suspect being on the loose” and “Boston is now on lockdown”. I was not scared because we are a distance from Boston, but throughout the week I though it was odd that so many disasters were going on at once within the same week. The earthquake, the mail laced in poison to the President, and the bombing almost made it seem like the world was going to end last week.

On Friday when I saw the man involved in the Boston bombings have his face plastered on the news I took a good look at his countenance. My first reaction was that he looked so young and then I asked myself, “Why would he do this?” Then I saw under his face in bold letters, “SUSPECT’S MOTHER SAYS THIS IS A MISTAKE…” This instantly made me think of the murders in Newtown and how the mother was to blame for not having her son under control. This made me grateful that my mom raised me the right way. She made me go to church, do well in school, and she cared about who was influencing me. I think an event of this magnitude caused by someone just shy of 20 puts into question where the mother was when her child was contemplating killing innocent people.

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