Remember Boston

Where Were You? Students' Stories of the Boston Marathon Bombing • An ICMPA Media Literacy Project

Nicole — Woodcliff Lake, NJ


This Instagram is utilizing technology to alert citizens of Boston to evacuate the premise and stay safe.

When I was walking to class through the mall last week, I heard someone on the phone say “Did you hear about the bombing in Boston?” My first reaction upon hearing this news was asking myself “Is this a joke?”; I honestly could not believe this was serious. When I was in my sociology class, I saw multiple kids on news websites watching the bombing in Boston on a live news feed, watching everyone look shocked and panicked about what had just happened.

I began to panic that someone I knew was a victim of this catastrophe. I texted my friend that went to BU who luckily texted me before the cell service in Boston went out. She told me she was fine, but she could not find one of her sorority sisters who ran in the marathon. Then I texted one of my sorority sisters who lives in Boston, making sure her friends and family were safe. She was telling me how she lived right near the location of the marathon as well as near where the bombing occurred. Her shock and confusion were sad to me. This happened to a place she called home; she was telling me of the pictures of she had from the area a year before the tragedy took place. She had a connection to this place and with this news everything changed in her hometown.

I began to think what if Boston was not the only place there were bombs going off. I called my mom and dad because we do live very close to New York City and I was unaware in how many locations there could have been bombings. I wanted to make sure everything was normal at home. My mom explained to me the protocols big cities like DC would go through after an incident like this happens. As she was explaining to me the protocols Washington, DC would take to be safe, I heard a siren going towards the direction of the Capitol to make sure the area was protected and safe. It was a weird experience because it was very similar to the idea of what 9/11 was like, but I now understood what was going on. I could take control of how aware I was of this catastrophe. Because of this class and news quizzes, I was getting constant updates from my phone from my CNN app telling me details of what was going on in Boston. This event was something that impacted me because I am in college, I realize the severity of the bomb and how even though not many people died, it changed many people’s lives and affected the families of Boston.

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