Remember Boston

Where Were You? Students' Stories of the Boston Marathon Bombing • An ICMPA Media Literacy Project

Daniel — Ellicott City, MD


In a Time Magazine photo, the front cover shows a elderly marathon runner on the ground while police dressed in yellow jackets are running around trying to help people. It shows the immediate response of the authorities to this tragedy and how they help all the marathon runners.

The horror in Boston unfolded through the television in my dorm room, the live news report from my computer, and through my open twitter feed. I slowly watched the screen of all the information coming into my direction. It was a tense moment on television seeing all the authority figures roaming around the streets of Boston looking for the kid. I was curious if the police would find this boy that killed three people in that horrendous blast at the Boston Marathon.

When there was news that the boy was captured, it was a very surreal moment hearing and seeing all the cheering for the police department and authority figures. It was a hard fought struggle trying to find a killer. This tragedy in Boston is a senseless act of violence towards the people of Boston and an attack on the American people. Terrorists are very malicious towards this modern society. This was the biggest terrorist attack since the 9/11 attacks. I feel much patriotism seeing these kinds of attacks on the land where I was born. An attack to the US is an attack on us, and seeing these certain types of acts are very emotionally provoking. There is a strong sense of allegiance with our American brothers.

It was also very prideful when seeing the authority figures protecting us and acting to secure a sense of peace and justice toward the attacks. They took out a very big threat and it was all for the peace of the American people. It was very terrifying to understand how easily public events can be attacked. The pipe bombs were homemade and the amount of handguns the bombers possessed were mind blowing. The video of the shootout between the bombers and the cops were also mind blowing. The amount of bullets being pumped out during that firefight was so enormous that it was very scary to think about living in that neighborhood at that time.

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