Remember Boston

Where Were You? Students' Stories of the Boston Marathon Bombing • An ICMPA Media Literacy Project

Lewi — Takoma Park, MD


Kids display their sorrow for Boston by NotTube from

It started out like any normal, busy and exhausting school day. Throughout the day I had remembered friends posting things about Boston and the city being in our prayers, and prayers for the families of loved ones lost. Initially i thought there had been a devastating accident or worse another terrorist attack. I didn’t have my laptop, and my phone had died, so I couldn’t find out what had occurred. A few hours later I had finished class and was eager to learn about what had recently occurred in Boston. I sat on my desk, opened my laptop, went to CNN and tried to make sense of what had actually happened in Boston. Upon learning about the situation, I immediately asked for one of my roommates’ phones and called several family members in Boston to see if they were all right and safe. But to my surprise a majority of them would not pick up. Distraught by no one answering their phones I called several family members in Maryland to see if they had gotten word about family members in Boston, to my relief they had.

Looking back on it now, I was filled with plenty of emotions upon knowledge of the situation. I was angry, frustrated, worried, and bewildered by everything I had just learned of, and even relieved to know my family was safe. Despite having these feelings, I remembered that these kinds of atrocities occur every day in many other countries. I remembered the disturbances in Syria, Burma, Israel etc. and imagined how they could be feeling, having this occur to them on a daily basis.

Several days after this had happened, I remembered seeing photographs on Imgur and Reddit of young children apologizing for what had happened to Boston despite having the same atrocities occur to them on a more frequent time scale. All in all, this experience was a powerful catalyst that changed my views and the way I perceived certain information.

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