Remember Boston

Where Were You? Students' Stories of the Boston Marathon Bombing • An ICMPA Media Literacy Project

Courtney – Columbia, MD


It was an average Monday for me I woke up got dressed and was on my way to class. The only thoughts and concern that I had were making sure I got assignments done on time, making time to complete upcoming assignments and making sure I had good room preferences for the upcoming fall semester. While going through my day I was reminded that I had to leave campus and miss one of my classes to go to a dentist appointment that was about two years overdue. I when I called my mom to make sure she was going to be able to pick me up on time she told that she had heard something about a bombing in the news. I responded with shock and asked her about the details that she knew. She told me she did not know that much about but was going to listen up for more information. After our conversation ended I proceeded to be in my school mode and did not think much more of the incident. I believe this is believe that this is because almost everything you hear on the news is negative or some kind of tragedy so I thought “wow this is unfortunate” but a lot in things in life are. I did not realize how much of a story this was until I saw images on my Instagram timeline saying pray for Boston. After that I proceeded to look on twitter to see what people were saying. It was until then that I really felt sympathy about the situation. When I found out that fortunately not a lot of lives were lost but that there were a lot of people injured I was in a way relieved. Its just really sad that something like that had to happen at all let alone at a joyous event.

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