Remember Boston

Where Were You? Students' Stories of the Boston Marathon Bombing • An ICMPA Media Literacy Project

Koreem — Lagos, Nigeria

(Candlelight vigil in Dorchester, Boston) Together we stand.

I moved to the United States 8 months ago and being here has truly been a beautiful experience. Having lived in over 4 countries throughout the span of my life, learning about a new culture and people is not new to me and this is why I realized, there is something unique about the American people and psyche. I see this uniqueness in the smiles of the woman who just tapped my shoulder to hand me my fallen credit card or the young man that offers to walk me to a building I could not find. This uniqueness is everywhere in America and it manifested itself once again during the Boston Marathon Bombing.

“Hhhhuhh huuuhhh (panting)……BOOOOOOOM!!!! ‘That is the footage of the bomb attack from a marathon runner…. At least three people dead and scores are injured…. We have identified one of the deceased as 8-year-old Martin Richard.’” Said the news reporter. From my sleep I could hear the news report vaguely but I quickly put a pillow over my ears. I had gone to bed late and was too tired to move. 2 hours later I was finally awake so I stepped out of my room to get breakfast and met my roommate glued to the TV.

I joined my roommate on the couch and we watched the news while he filled me in on the Boston Marathon Bombings. As two foreigners, we had no family to call in Boston, no tweets to send to relatives. However we still took to Twitter and Facebook to talk about the current terrorist attack. Our friends abroad kept calling us to ask if we were ok and at that point we could really feel the beauty of media and how it allowed us to share and connect with people in Boston and people in other countries.

As we continued to watch the news, my roommate and I were amazed at the dedication/efforts the trauma health care teams and good citizens of the community expressed in helping the injured victims. My roommate and I had both lived in countries where communities aren’t friendly and people are selfish.So seeing these Americans helping one another was just awe inspiring.It struck a chord in my heart and made me realize that this was what it meant to be an American: this was what it meant to be patriotic.

No matter how much they attack us, we stand by our beliefs, we help each other and we keep moving forward.

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