Remember Boston

Where Were You? Students' Stories of the Boston Marathon Bombing • An ICMPA Media Literacy Project

Kriti – Washington, DC

Kriti screenshot (text)

I had class until 4:50 on Monday, April 15th. I had just come out of Van Munching and was heading back to my apartment. Afterward, I was planning on going to see my uncle for his birthday. As I was walking on campus toward my apartment, I decided to browse Twitter. My timeline was filled with “pray for Boston” and “#bostonmarathon” tweets and I had no idea what had happened. I got off Twitter and got on my CNN app and read that there had been a bombing in Boston, and numerous people had been injured. I immediately texted my cousin who goes to Boston University to make sure she was okay because I knew that she was going to the Boston Marathon. I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve personally known someone to be at the place of tragedy. For 9/11, I didn’t know anyone who worked at the Twin Towers or was near the area. This was a completely different story. When she finally got back to me, I felt such relief. I couldn’t even imagine being in her shoes and being by herself at such a scary time.

I did end up going to see my uncle, and my parents were there as well. At a time like this, it felt so good to be around my family. We all watched the news to keep updated with what was going on. It was definitely a somber birthday for my uncle, but I think he also felt good to be around family and it brought us all together. After I left their house, I went back to my apartment but was constantly getting updates on my phone with the latest information that was coming out.

Though the bombers were caught, you can’t erase what happened. For me, it definitely was a wake up call. Before it happened, I’m pretty sure my biggest problem was that I had to get an assignment in by midnight, but afterward I was really appreciative of my family who I got to see and were fortunately safe.

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