Remember Boston

Where Were You? Students' Stories of the Boston Marathon Bombing • An ICMPA Media Literacy Project

Tori – Mount Laurel, NJ

ML boston photo
I was in class during the exact time of the Boston Marathon Bombing so I was unaware of what happened until I received a phone call from my mom on my walk home. The first thing she asked was if I had heard about what had happened in Boston?

So many things came rushing through my mind, especially since my sister lives and works in the center of Boston, what could it have been? She then goes onto tell me about how there was a bombing at the end of the Boston Marathon, and thankfully my sister was safe. She had been on her way to celebrate the end of the race, but as she was walking towards it there was a frenzy of commotion coming towards her, she quickly realized what had happened and headed back home.

Imagining that she could have been in serious danger was absolutely frightening, but thankfully nothing bad happened to her, and God bless those individuals who are suffering.

Throughout the rest of the week I was distant to what was going on with the tracking down of the individuals because I was unfortunately too caught up in my own life. Fortunately though, the story was being covered everywhere I turned so I was able to gather up information quickly once I snapped back into reality. The fact that the city of Boston shut down in the hopes to track down then men responsible truly amazes me. I think if media had not played such a large part throughout the week, then they would have had trouble finding them. Also, another thing that is particularly bone chilling is the fact that one of the men who were in charge of the bombings was my age. The fact that anyone my age is even capable of doing that, let alone actually going through with that is sickening.

In the end, I am happy that they found the men responsible and the people of Boston can sleep easy again. And I’m especially happy about the well-being and safety of my sister, because just like those innocent victims effected by the harsh bombing, it could have truly been anyone.

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