Remember Boston

Where Were You? Students' Stories of the Boston Marathon Bombing • An ICMPA Media Literacy Project

Xiuhui — Shanghai, China

Xiuhui R.I.P for the victim

Last Monday afternoon, I was on my way to class as usual. Everything seemed normal until I noticed that the flags on campus were flying at a half-mast. Several hours later I checked my Facebook page and found that all of my friends were praying for Boston with the words “rest in peace”. For the first time, I felt that the terrorist attack, which I usually heard from news reports before, was happening just around my life.

As expected, I received a phone call from my parents soon afterwards. Although my place is far away from Boston, I can understand their worries because this is my first time to leave my hometown alone and study somewhere far away from my country. To my parents, if this happened before I came to study in the United States, perhaps the explosion was just one of the terrible news they read in the newspaper. However, the incident last week was almost like top local news to them, only because I was here.

I know that many people in the United States are not as lucky as me. Sadly, over a hundred people were injured in the accident, and what made the incident special to Chinese students was that one of the victims was a Chinese girl named Lu Lingzi, who studied in Boston. Website pages were created by people to mourn the girl. Like other international students, she went abroad with her family’s expectations and her own dream. However, last week she left us forever, only leaving the grief of her family and friends.

Sometime life is more delicate than we think. What we can do is to be responsible to our lives, because people who care about us are waiting for us halfway across the world.

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